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About Us

Law enforcement officers have been working off duty security assignments for almost as long as there have been police officers. Over the years, many companies have come to depend heavily on the availability of off duty officers to augment their security needs throughout the United States. Law enforcement agencies manage this activity in a number of ways. For example, some choose to transfer the entire process onto the officer network while other agencies manage every facet of the process. And, of course, there are 1000’s of agencies who fall in-between these extremes. Agencies began approaching us regarding questions and concerns with their off duty programs including:

How can we...

  • Manage the distribution of hours fairly?
  • Ensure officers comply with agency policy regarding total hours worked in a given period?
  • Regulate which customers are approved for off duty work?
  • Ensure our officers are paid at the correct rate and in a timely fashion?
  • Manage the administrative burden efficiently?
  • Minimize the exposure to officer liability?
  • Balance the demand of external off duty requests from internal requests?
  • Minimize the exposure to the agency’s liability?
  • Justify the internal cost of managing an off-duty program?

Off Duty Management was created to help agencies and officers with all of these questions. Over the years our business processes and technology platform, OfficerTRAK®, led us to the solution of providing a systemic, customer service oriented program to help agencies manage their off duty program. Our solution is comprehensive and includes managing inbound service request, scheduling, time & attendance, payroll and invoicing. In addition, when your officers are placed on an off duty assignment through our solution, each of them will be covered by our extensive general liability and Workers' Compensation.

Are you looking for an off duty, detail, secondary or extra duty solution? Off Duty Management can help!