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                      Our proprietary system provides seamless connectivity to every facet of off duty assignments.

What is Off Duty Management?

Off Duty Management provides a method for law enforcement agencies to outsource all of their administrative functions associated with off duty assignments. Our solution is comprehensive and includes managing inbound service request, scheduling, time & attendance, payroll and invoicing. In addition, when your officers are placed on an off duty assignment through our solution, each of them will be covered by our Workers' Compensation insurance and general liability policies.

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Here’s why it’s perfect for customers:

 Request officers anytime.

 Receive verification of your requests.

 Access our 24/7 customer service center.

 Officers are protected under a Workers' Compensation insurance policy and a general liability policy.

 Accurate timekeeping and officer accountability with OfficerTRAK® technology.


Here's what Off Duty Management can do for officers:

OfficerTRAK® Mobile Solution:

Receive notifications about new jobs immediately.

Job information at your fingertips.

Easily select an off duty job that is convenient for you.

Receive job reminders before you start.

Clock in and out.

View hours worked for each job.

Easily record notes and incidents.

Stay protected under Workers' Compensation insurance and general liability policies.

Get paid weekly via direct deposit.


Reasons to choose Off Duty Management to manage your off duty needs:

Eliminate the internal cost associated with off duty work.

Minimize your liability exposure.

Manage inbound service requests and scheduling.

Communicate scheduling conflicts.

Manage invoicing, reporting, 1099 and W2 reports.

Weekly pay via direct deposit.

Protect your officers with Workers' Compensation insurance and general liability policies.

We integrate all your policies, so you know your officers are working approved assignments.


Introducing OfficerTRAK®

Off Duty Management has developed a proprietary software solution, OfficerTRAK®, to streamline processes and provide accountability utilizing web and mobile app technology. OfficerTRAK® is designed to push work assignments directly to the officers on the OfficerTRAK® mobile app. OfficerTRAK® empowers officers by providing the details of a customer’s request and tracking the officers who work those assignments. When the assignment is started, the officer will clock in and clock out using OfficerTRAK® with GPS technology. Officers can document information within the mobile app including video, photos and notes. This information is uploaded into our system for tracking and reporting.


Android & Apple Smart Phone Solutions For Officers

Real-Time Dashboard Monitoring

Reporting Functionality


Save your agency time & money!

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